Level 5, Khai Hoan Building 83B Hoang Sa Street , Dakao ward, District 1 , HCMC.Vietnam

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Residential High-rise

U Silk City

Ha Noi, Vietnam


Executive Architecture


670.000 M2



This is the first project Transform worked in collaboration with our German partners, Franken Nguyen Consulting. U Silk City is situated in Ha Dong, Hanoi and is one of the largest residential and commercial developments currently UNDER CONSTRUCTION in Vietnam. As hommage to the spirit and heritage of this ancient silk production place, in modern times, the facade is designed to have a resemblance of silk. A vivid rhythm of different facade elements with a variety of friendly tints create rich, oscillating colorful effects similar to silk fabric.

The diagonal arrangement of the towers allow maximum privacy as views towards neighbouring apartments are unobstructed. The design of the tower blocks are defined by ”dancing voids” along the tower’s facades.
The paterns and sizes of the voids are directly in relation to the sun path to help give shading to the hotwestern, and to some extent east sun, and allow maximum ambient light to the north and south directions.
The voids also create a number of private skygardens which add value to the residential towers.
With Franken Nguyen Consulting.

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