Level 5, Khai Hoan Building 83B Hoang Sa Street , Dakao ward, District 1 , HCMC.Vietnam

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Mexico Square

Addis Ababa


Urban Design


984.300 M2



Our proposal attempts to unify the site on an urban an architectural scale to create a healthy, vibrant and social environment for the residents of Addis Ababa and visitors alike. The proposed development would generate all the functional requirements necessary to sustain a community behaving like a village in the city. People do not need to go far to have everything they need to live, work and play.

The accommodations include ample retail, commercial, recreational facilities, entertainment, food and beverage establishments, a hospital, schools, culturalvenues and most of all the need for housing for all levels of income. The mixed-use approach to urban designwill reduce the need for cars as residents in the area can access everything they require by walking. Aside from contributing to the reduction of pollution, the design promotes exercise and health creating urban environments which are safer, nourishing, sustainable, educational and ultimately contributes to the good life of the peoplewho live and visit the area.

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